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  Our family has been producing curries and others specialties from the regions of northern India. The experience of 20 years in Europe has allowed us to make our own exquisite recipes so appreciated by Western palates

You will find every day a Different menu:

  Special Tasting menu also for Vegetarians, who makes any special meeting or evening special.

  variety of recipes cooked instantly with or without spicy and gluten.

  Menu with more than 90 specialties.

  For those who want to enjoy it in their home or event, we have option to "Take Away"

  In the world there are 381 different ingredients and 200 of them are used by Indian meal. As you can imagine every meal is unique and different And the curry as well as providing flavors, has Antibacterial Properties And others that contribute to better health ...

We bet on the palates that like our dishes and specialties offering new recipes of pizzas and kebab. Flavors that can be enjoyed in our restaurant Antalya pizza kebab and also to take away. Enjoy the flavors of the Indian in all our recipes.

India House

The original Indian restaurant

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One of the most healthiest in the world with Vegetables, Legumes, Cereals and Spices .

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